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Caribbean Blue Binaural Loop+* Caribbean Blue Binaural Loop+*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Accordion bliss! Haha Very nice open sound with holophonic 8-bit sounds. Very different and unique! Never heard any style like this. Some reason this reminds me of the Guardian Legend theme on the NES. Awesome to see you're getting back into music again, Shawn! :-)

Chronamut responds:

thanks man.. it's slow going but I hope to get back into the swing of things as soon as I can repair my computer I hope to get back up and running fully :)

and yes he holophonic sound is amazing.. really impressed with it :)

also you're not the first person to say that lol..

and yeah it's good to be back :)

thanks for the review Byron! :)


FF9 - Rose of May +*~.0 FF9 - Rose of May +*~.0

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad, bro! This definitely brings back all those sleepless nights playing these FF games in the late 90's. You've taken up quite a challenge recreating this piece, and you've succeeded in emulation pretty damn close! Ok, so here goes the pros and cons...

* Nicely intricate with each instrument and how you managed to have each one complement the next
* The caliber of a track like this seems a bit overwhelming, but your accomplishment should definitely encourage other aspiring music artists to create more.
* Absolutely loved how at the beginning and end you changed up the melody with the piano starting off and ending at 7:59... beautiful section!
* Nicely EQ'd and mastered

* At the 3:49 mark and on when the oboe or saxophone sounding instrument starts playing, it sounds a bit off key in parts to me.
* I know with you using FLS for your music creation, it's a little challenging to get symphonic sounds from the MIDI instruments within the program to sound like real instruments, but these instruments sound a little too MIDI. But I guess since this is under the VG genre you wanted it to sound similar in respect.
* Even with the addition of new sounds/instruments each time a new stanza plays, it's a bit repetitious and sounds like it looped a few times when I realized the song has only played 65% through; maybe shorten it a bit, or add your own harmony around the middle to keep the audiences' attention longer like you did near the end

Very well done, Shawn! Always nice to hear new stuff from you, bro! Keep your eyes and ears open for 40+ Batman character/villain theme songs I have in store for everyone!!!


Chronamut responds:

haha will do - thanks for the input man - always appreciated :)

thanks for the review!


LTM² - Miniature Fantasy LTM² - Miniature Fantasy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! That's pretty damn close! Awesome remake, bro! Though, it would have been really nice to hear you throw in something a little different with your own style than the original, but it's definitely spot on, buddy! I like how you switched up the rhythm with the main synth @ 01:32 and you sped up the overall track to get things moving! Great emulation!!!!... VERY IMPRESSED!!! 5ive STARS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

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ListenToMyMusic responds:

Yeah, I may just make a remix too, getting as close to the original as possible was my main goal in this one.

Paradise on E - Worlds Co Paradise on E - Worlds Co

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beauty in the E of the Beholder!

You know, I never was a fan of Happy Trancecore tracks, but this definitely brings back some very fond memories of those late-night raves I used to dance and DJ at back in the early 2000s. All three of these tracks definitely fit well together with the arpeggio of bells, chimes and portamento of the whistle saw lead. Love how it builds back up at 4:39 with more aural pleasure of pitch-shifted harmonies. Shawn, you seem to always almost overdo yourself with endless effort in every single track you whip out! I'm really looking forward to hearing how much you can add/change our collaboration together! Awesome job well done buddy! 5ived the whole track bringing it from 4.37 to 4.38/5.0!!!

Chronamut responds:

lol it was 4.40 before you voted.. damn zero bombers..

and I try man.. I really do.. I always frear that I am going to regress.. and that's never good..

and yeah our collab is being a little difficult with me because I'm now SOO used to working in fl I find it very difficult to transition back to reason -but give it time - we'll get there eventually :)

and I'm glad I have your approval on this song - hell you were one of my hugest inspirations on this site - so it means a ton to me :) You have always been very supportive of my music throughout the years - you even got me using Reason - so you have my endless thanks :)

thanks for the review!


Sweet Dreams (Erotic)+*~.0 Sweet Dreams (Erotic)+*~.0

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh, yeah!

I remember hearing this piece back in the day. You know, you were and still are always really good about emulation with meter and remakes/remixes of other tracks whether it be a video game track or electronica track. Nice remix, but I really think if you limited the moans to just like once every 4-8 bars, as it does distract the other elements in the track. Other than that, very good job for the sound quality you had back then!

Chronamut responds:

yeahh yeah it's annoying as fuck but I wouldn't change it hahaha :P

and yeah I remember you telling me back in the day that I am a master of emulation - I think my problem is I am more a producer than a musician - so I work REALLY well with pre-existing stuff - but my original sogns seem to be of slightly lesser quality than my remixes - ah well.

this was still fun as hell to make :P

thanks for the review byron!


TrAnCeD Chronamut Mastery TrAnCeD Chronamut Mastery

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Got Me Movin

Nice arp sequencing and trancey harmony! I absolutely love how original sounding this is yet strangely familiar. This track sort of provokes fun memories that I wish I could relive in the clubs I danced and DJed in back in Dallas, TX. The only dislike is the ending and how it kinda broke the momentum by slowing down at an unexpected moment after building up to a Hard Trance break that just went right back to the same repetition of 4-8 bars. Nonetheless, sweet track! Congrats again to both you and Shawn for creating such a nice sounding groove! Keep these tracks pumpin!

wii1 responds:

Yeah, I'll fix the song later. I think I might just turn this into the Final Version instead.

+*+*(Distance of a gaze)*+*+ +*+*(Distance of a gaze)*+*+

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Absolutely gorgeous not only in sound integrity but structure, emotional movement and mastering! I love what you are doing with your new sound equipment on your new comp Shawn. You've always impressed me with each new track you push yourself to make. After listening to both versions, this one definitely has crystal clearer sound, but what really impressed me if this particular track from F-777 hasn't already extended to this length, you made it have more of a drive to it also giving it a RPG score sound to it truly bringing back those long wonderful hours playing through epic battles and saving the ethereal and enchanted worlds of fantasy. I absolutely love the smooth build and the fading ending part that dwindles into like a soft "distant gaze". Very impressive Shawn and F-777 for creating such a needed aural destresser! You have my 5 and 10 "keeping my favourite musicians alive!" :-)

Chronamut responds:


It's always great getting reviews from "the greats' dreamscaper, as you will always be one of "the greats" in my mind :)

my new computer helps me a LOT - not in.. improvement so much but in actually let me master songs without any limitations as I had on my old computer :)

and I do always strive to improve :) - nowadays I am all about.. ambiance.. and a wide field in which to envelope the user in :) - my new speakers also help to view audio more accurately than in the past, leading to a crisper sound than lets say in 2007 even..

thanks for the review Byron! :)


AD - DnB CTSG Entry v2 AD - DnB CTSG Entry v2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Loops Perfectly!

I think we have a winner AD! This is a very nice improvement and has a nice steady flow of rhythm and bass. Ok, so here is the breakdown of what I personally liked and the small dislikes... ;-)

1. Maintains a steady DnB vibe of rhythm and FX on the bassline(s) and doesn't lose it's composure of movement
2. Loops seamlessly and doesn't knowingly drone on and on making me lose interest
3. Sounds are EQed quite well along with the mastering
4. The driving bassline "ping-ponging" back and forth with the snare is what fabricates and sustains the strength in this track

1. Needs more of a catchier and more memorable bassline than the constant droning one by alternating it up a bit with another supporting harmony of bass (personal opinion)
2. Missing a climax... would help to have a part in it that makes you say "Damn! That was badass!" or a part that gets your ass moving even more than it did starting out. Everyone who listens to DnB would know what this is.
3. If this isn't just a sample, it's way too short.

Overall, this was pretty damn impressive AD since you mostly create Hip-Hop tracks! 5ived it raising it to 4.43/5.00 (+ 0.066) :-D


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AeraDynamic responds:

Boojah! Nice Review :D I like I like! I know what you want to point out, so lets just let me explain everything nice n easy ;)

1. Bassline is dificult for me to modulate..... VERY difficult..... NEARLY impossible atm with my current knowledge about Basslines so I just left it like that. Its still grooves just like it is now and I am happy with it so far xP

2. Climax, I know what you mean. But this is just a short thing I made for a Contest and the lenght restriction is about 16 bars so its just a small loop. But I like it so much I am thinking about expanding it to a full Track. With badass Moments indeed! But lets talk about the Climax here - Point out your fav Part in this Track: (PM me later for this ^^)

>> <<

Mine is at 1:27 when the Bassline gets nuts xD Kickass Tune, I <3 that Guy for all of his Tracks. Spor rules my Day after work...

I started to look for an alternate Method to produce DnB without needing to modulate a Bassline so it rules the Song like it should. I came to the Conclusion that a Mixture of Drum 'n Bass and Ambient works great. IF YOU EXECUTE IT RIGHT of course. I saw People trying to mix that Genres and the ended up in a major fail :O It want to go just like oldskool Jungle with less Bass and more Melody and Harmony. Sure a soft Bass will be included but it just plays in the BG and has no complex modulation at all. It just suports the Main Beat and the Atmosphere. Listen to the new "Solar" Remix by Boney-Man here on NG and you will see what I mean. I like the Parts without the Bassline more then the others and its just that Track that got me into the DnA Idea.

When we collab I guess you must take the Bass Part ;)
Thanky for the Review

*++*(Link to the Past)*++ *++*(Link to the Past)*++

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a pretty reminiscent sound of "Guardian Legend" or "Blaster Master" style music on the NES. Ok Shawn, if you know me, I'll tell what I like and don't like. This is honestly what I wish more people would do when critiquing my art so that I can better myself with each new track I produce. =P

The Good:
1. The melody is very catchy and drives in smoothly with the rest of the percussion the way you introduce each sequence.
2. The sound integrity is clear and full while maintaining a nostalgic 8 bit sound combined with interlaced lucid beats to groove with.
3. It doesn't have too much going on making it easy to listen to and fun to appreciate.

The Not-So-Good:
1. It's a little too repetitious for the small time frame it plays through the entire track. It needs a little more variation and more of your own style when remixing. (I know your style, and I didn't hear very much of it in this.)
2. The beat is a little too simple and not very creative. (This kinda goes along with the first Not-So-Good Reason.)

All in all, it's not your best and doesn't quite beat your "Pretty Green Eyes" or "Celestial Dream", but it certainly is memorable in the best way! Nice tune Shawn!


Chronamut responds:

well pretty green eyes is a remix and celestial dream was a collab with B0UNC3 - so its kinda unfair to compare it to those 2 :P

and I kinda got bored with this one near the end.. thought about adding more - but oh well.

neways - thanks for the constructive criticism - always appreciated!

thanks for the review Byron!


AD - Extinction AD - Extinction

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Almost Film-like

I really like the Doom 3 samples you used! It gives this track a sort of film-like quality sound to it and the rise and fall of cellos gives this track a feeling of angst. It's not really my style, but it sounds good nonetheless!

The Good...
1. Great build-up of sliding and crashing percussion with a groovin beat combined with the prestigious sound of orchestration gives this track a serious but cool sound.
2. The quality is really clear and adds to the atmosphere of the level of suspense.
3. Anything styled with video game samples I can appreciate because it's not as easy as people say it can be.

The Bad...
1. The synth you used for the pad-like sound that breaks into like a solo at around 00:49 secs sounds a little old sounding and too processed and MIDI sounding.
2. It's a little too repetitive and the repetition that is used is a type of sound that starts to drone in and out not really capturing my interest in sound for too long. Maybe if you switched it up a bit with other parts like a synth bass solo that rips through the middle part and makes the listener go "Wow, that's bad-ass!!!" because it sounds so different backed with like a filtered sequence of chords that sound like string instruments vocodored with sounds from the game. That might be a little more entertaining.

Overall, not a bad little track Tobias!

AeraDynamic responds:

Hey! Thank you! I really appreciate your Review cause you can say more about the Synth then anyone else here. It was the first time I used a Synth in my Tracks and I will use more for sure cause they really help me out getting away from the classic Violin way. Ectually the Beat was not build for vocals otherwise I would say its repetitive therefore but I wanted to keep it entertaining as itself and I am very satisfied about the final... Sure I used a present Synth but I just don't know how to make my own for now. But I guess you didn't noticed cause u use Reason anyway XD

Thank you!